It is not easy to fool a monkey

About us

We are




We see the extra-ordinary

in the ordinary

In a flock, every monkey are given tasks based on their abilities and work together for the common good. We use the same principle; we have photographers, designers, concept developers and copywriters who all work together to ensure that we deliver the best product possible. Wether we're shooting a simple bottle or high end designer shoes. Creating environments, atmosphere, stories and more to bring products to life in the look they deserve.


With over 40 years combined experience between us, we have yet to find a challenge that we've been unable to overcome.


We take pride in the quality of our work and strive to deliver the best possible result from every shoot.


We are someone you can trust with your products. We see every project as something personal and treat it accordingly, and we will never deliver half done.

Long term

If you really, really like our work, we can offer long term deals where we commit to a certain number of product photos over a set period.


Do your prefer jpeg, png or tif-formats? Or would you rather have the ability to edit backgrounds with a psd or affinity-file? Low or high-resolution? Your choice.

End services

Even though we mostly deliver high end product shots, we can also offer standard product photos, for example pack shots with white background and clipping path ready for webshops.

Our "jungle"

Where the magic happens

For a photographer, the equipment is key. Where some strive to buy more and more elaborate equipment, cluttering their workspace, we focus on simple solutions to complement our cameras, lights et cetera using everyday items in new and creative ways. Why do we do this? So we don't waste money on yet another gadget which we'll use one time and then let it gather dust in a corner. It's just common sense, and it's better for the environment.


Products photographed

It's sometimes hard to keep track of the amount of stuff we have photographed over the years, but we gave it a try.


Time spent behind the camera

The perfect shot takes time, and the number of hours we have spent behind the camera reflects that.




10%Final adjustments

Our preferred equipment vendors