It is not easy to fool a monkey

The process

Our clients' long term commitments is due to

Our ability to bring new and

cost efficient ideas

to the table

We handle the logistics

So you can launch the product

It all starts with a meeting. After discussing your ideas and requirements we work together with you to find a look and feel that matches your expectations and product line. After this, you can just send us the items in question and we'll do the rest. Now you can focus on the next important step: sales and presentation.

Our focus is on the product

We present it in the best way possible

And do it justice

Our process is streamlined and involves a set of steps to ensure that quality and consistency are taken care of, and to identify any challenges or features that needs special attention. This allows us to be efficient without having to compromise on the final product.

  • 1

    Product delivery, sorting and precheck

    We receive the products from you and sort them into categories before we do a precheck to ensure that all items are accounted for.
  • 2

    Look, guidelines and rigging

    We go over the shootplan which tells us how you want your products to be styled (positioning, lighting etc.). Then we confirm the guidelines for image size, resolution and quality. And lastly, we rig the studio according to the shootplan.
  • 3


    When everything is ready we can start shooting. We position the products according to the shootplan, adjust the lighting to ensure color consistency across the product line and snap the image(s). In the case of invisible mannequins we also shoot the required extra images such as neck, cuffs, lining etc.
  • 4

    Registering and storage

    When the product image has passed our quality control, it is registered into our database and stored as a raw-file for later sorting and adjustments.
  • 5

    Sorting, editing and final transfer.

    The raw images are sorted and named according to the lists provided by you. Next up is editing and post production according to what we have agreed upon. And after a final quality check the images are sent to you digitally.
  • 6

    Packaging and return of products.

    As soon as you have approved the images, we pack and ship the products back to you in the same condition they arrived to us (we reattach hangtags and repack the products in the packaging if applicable).