It is not easy to fool a monkey

The Craft

The Craft

Before and after editing

Use the slider to see the image before and after editing, showing how much work goes into a single picture.


The passion, the craft, the result

Our passion for photography comes from years of honing our skills, always striding to be better. Never being satisfied with "okay" or "good enough", and always looking for new ways to enhance our abilities. Through passion and knowledge we create worlds of wonder in which products play the main part. Our craft provides us with a sense of pride and accomplishment which inspire us to see the world around us in a different light; where some see obstacles, we see possibilities.

After receiving the brief and clients vision, we combine that with our knowledge and skills to produce a result that might surprise them. How their products are brought up to a new level, exceeding their expectations and giving them a new outlook as to how they can market their product range. We involve ourselves in the products we photograph and treat them with the same high level of respect as the client.

Our lingo

In our studio, we refer to our equipment and processes with names of primates. Why? It started with needing a name for one of our lighting techniques so it would be easier to remember and differentiate from the other, similar ways (we ended up calling it "chimp light" because of the way we used the flexible arms).
Here you'll find a composed list of the lingo we use to help guide you through the processes mentioned on the images in our gallery.


This is a piece of equipment which encloses the product and lets us achieve complete darkness to enhance the lighting.


This is a technique which allows us to be very flexible with our lighting equipment.


We use baboon when describing the use of colored light to create a specific atmosphere.


Marmoset is our nickname for using a macro lens and small light sources.

Our preferred equipment vendors